You are now eligible to win the following prize package (worth over Can $ 50.00)!

    a) a ticket to Kumar Sanu show (worth Can. $30.00) to be held on March 27, 1999 in Toronto,
or Can. $ 30.00 rebate after you have your security system installed by "Total Security".
         ( Please forward us a copy of your agreement with "Total Security".)
    b) a copy of the award winning book "Such a Long Journey" by Rohinton Mistry, and
    c) a lunch at Sangam Restaurant, Metro Toronto Area,

......along with more chances to win prizes in coming years!

To win this prize,

  a) you must be 18 years of age or over,
    b) you must be a life member,

(If you are not yet a life member, please fill out the Registration Form to become a life member.)

    c) you must accept this prize as awarded (no exchanges),
    d) you must provide a photograph (passport size), 
    e) you must send in the prize claim form given below, and
    f) you must answer a small questionnaire (which will be sent to you after you send in your prize           claim).

        By responding to this prize claim, you agree that

    a) you understand the above conditions,
    b) you can win only one prize during a calendar year,
    c) your photograph and name may appear in our promotional material,
    d) this prize will be given to the first claimant (subject to the above conditions)
        on a first-come-first-serve basis by e-mail,
    e) if you do not win this prize, you may still continue to try for other prizes during 1999, and
    f) the decision of  the selection team shall be final and binding.

Prize Code : ks001

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